Hi folks, I’m Áine Ní Bhraoin, the proud creator of all ginger inspired goodies that you see here.

This all came about my desire of being creative and kitchen. I will honestly try to make anything once, if it makes me happy, I keep making it, simple. Though my background wasn’t in food at the time, it was something else creative. I was a Graphic Designer and also an Outdoor Instructor.


This is how I came up with making my own crystallised ginger. I was at the supermarket back in 2016 in Canada. After seeing the crystallised ginger on the shelf I saw my next culinary adventure. To be honest i never thought I’d make it a business. It was just a joy to make, a great treat that I could give to anyone and everyone who would sample it.

In 2020, I was laying the foundations to get this baby on the road, but that C word came along and made everything a lot slower to come to fruition. I laid some extra foundation, such as taking a UCD course in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. Seeing the light and the need to upskill in the food industry, I took the fabulous diploma course at UCC in Food Specialty Production. It was just a fabulous course and laid the final blocks to get everything going.

Now I’m growing out my retail presence and I hope you see me on the shelf near you.

1st Crystallised Ginger
1st Crystallised Ginger

Starting my business

My obsession with ginger started back in 2016, but my ginger business only came into fruition in 2021. With my fascination of making my own crystallised ginger and developing the texture and mouth experience, this made me explore the commercial process more and developing my own process further. By carrying out taste tests and feedback, I have happily developed a better quality crystallised ginger an in tow my ginger syrup range.

I have in the past attended the UCD Innovation Academy course in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and decided I need more solid food sector knowledge. I took on the task of completing the UCC Diploma in Speciality Food Production from 2020 – 2021. Each step helped me to solidify my skills and hone my talents to take on creating this business expansion. It took me through all the microbiology, food safety, commercial kitchen planning and how to market your product. I am so happy that I took that step and all the other marvelous entrepreneurs that I have met along the way blazing a trail.

Learn more anout the ginger I use

Sustainable steps

Organic Peruvian Ginger

The ginger that I source is farmed in harmony with the jungle surroundings of the Peruvian selva alta or high jungle, of the Junín Province. Ginger was brought to Peru back in the late 18th century from China. Peru is now the third largest exporter of ginger.

The farming techniques within this province haven changed very much in hundreds of years, as the methods are still the same just farmers are more knowledgeable the soil. The ginger plants here are intercropped, with other plants, usually coffee plants, which helps to boost biodiversity.

Raw Cane Sugar

The sugar that I source comes from South America, usually either Columbia or Argentina. The grain size can vary which also changes the properties of the sugar, as it increases the amount of molasses which is present.